MX4 delivers outstanding performance to demanding ‘inside the box’ users who refuse to compromise on quality. It combines three central system elements; a very high channel count/high quality audio interface – an extremely versatile Software Mixer – and DSP powered plug-ins that provide console grade precision processing with legendary SSL audio characteristics.

  • 128 channel MADI Digital Audio Interface
  • Multi-client SSL Software Mixer
  • DSP Powered SSL processing plug-ins

MX4 is the ideal solution for audio professionals seeking solutions for complex recording and mixing environments. The 128 channel MADI I/O can be combined with SSL Alpha-Link audio format converters, connected directly to suitably equipped consoles, or integrated with Broadcast Routers to deliver a very high channel count alongside uncompromising audio quality. The MX4 flexible mixer architecture, true multi client operation and stunning ‘near zero’ latency creates a powerful system with the versatility to create multiple (or duplicate) multi channel record feeds, to create multiple headphone/artist monitor feeds or to build Mix Minus monitor feeds in Broadcast applications. SSL console grade plug-ins ensure that any system has the precision, power and quality to meet all processing requirements.

Scheda Tecnica

The Audio Interface:

  • 128 channels of digital audio I/O over fibre optic MADI
  • SSL ‘PCIe-Core Audio Pipeline’ drivers
  • Multi client drivers – multiple audio applications appear in the mixer and access the I/O simultaneously
  • Very high channel count, high sample rate recording & playback
  • 2 x 64 channel optical MADI ports on half-length PCIe card
  • 1x Wordclock Connector (Software controlled as Input or Output)
  • Near Zero (4 samples) latency delivers ideal monitoring environment
  • Full Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC) for VST Plug-Ins, I/O’s and external Processing/Conversion Delays
  • Combine with SSL Alpha-Link audio format converters to create complete audio I/O solutions

Minimum System Requirements

Windows: Windows XP (SP2) or Vista (32-Bit or 64-Bit) or Windows 7 (32-Bit or 64-Bit) Intel or AMD Configuration with one free PCIe Slot

Note: PCIe (PCI Express) is not compatible with PCI or PCI-X

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